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Welcome to the HANDICAP-TRANSPORT.cz!

We are a company that deals with the transportation of the physically disabled, using wheelchair friendly microbuses. We offer this service since 1999, and some of us have been in the field for more than twenty years. Our fleet presently comprises over 20 microbuses, which are specially equipped for transporting wheelchair users.05The reason we run such a service is because in reality, people who are confined to a wheelchair have a slim chance of transporting themselves, thanks to public transport being inaccessible. Without this service, many would not be able to go to the doctor, to school, to cultural activities, or even on holiday. This service is not only used by individuals, but also by different civil associations who hold courses, conferences, cultural, and sporting events all over the Czech republic.


HANDICAP-TRANSPORT.cz – doprava pro zdravotně postižené osoby ZTP/P a ZTP