A description of wheelchair friendly transport

Our wheelchair friendly transport is for anyone with a handicap or physical disability, mainly utilized by wheelchair users in Prague and surrounding suburbs. The travel expenses pays every person in the vehicle.

Available transport is one of the main and basic necessities for the integration of handicapped people into society, and the possibility of transport around town for wheelchair users is just as important for them as is for anybody else. Using wheelchair friendly microbuses, we offer an alternative solution for the physically disabled, mainly within Prague and the close vicinity of Prague, who thanks to their disability have no other means of transport.

This transport service is not only used by private individuals, but also by different civil organisations all over the Czech republic. It is possible to reserve on dispatching, either telephonically (+420 602 267 040), via e-mail or you can fill out an online form for a definite date. In many cases, particularly organisations, we not only provide transport but also organize.

The utilization of these services have a tendency to continually increase, which of course effects the willingness of microbus drivers, who provide these services over and above their usual duties. – doprava pro zdravotně postižené osoby ZTP/P a ZTP